Guided tours in Spanish and English about the city’s monuments, poet Miguel Hernández and Orihuela Costa

Councillor Sofía Álvarez has presented the new guided tours organised by the Town Hall for this spring, which will be held at weekends until June 17th.

She said they are being announced well in advance so that tourists can more easily plan their holidays.

The tours can be taken in Spanish and English, and they will focus on local heritage and monuments, the poet Miguel Hernández and Orihuela Costa.

A guided tour of the Murals of San Isidro will be on Saturday April 21st, and one of the most important places in the life of Miguel Hernández on Saturday April 28th.

In May there will be a Cultural Tour of the city’s national monuments on Saturday the 5th and one along the seaside promenades of the coast, leaving from Cabo Roig, on Sunday the 7th.

On June 16th there will be another Miguel Hernández tour and a Cultural Tour at night, and on the 17th there will be activities at the ports and marinas in Orihuela Costa.

For more information and to book places, visit or call the Tourist Info offices either in Orihuela city (Tel: 96 530 4645 or 96 530 2747) or Playa Flamenca Town Hall office in Orihuela Costa (96 676 0000 ext 32 or email [email protected]).

More information is also available in the Costa Daily Events Guide.