Silent Maundy Thursday Easter parade stages dramatic crucifixion

The Silent Procession in Rojales on Maundy Thursday was only broken by drum rolls and the sounds of tubas as the statues of Santísimo Cristo de la Buena Muerte (Christ of the Good Death) and the Santísima Virgen de los Dolores (Our Lady of Sorrows) were brought out from the church.

Their way was lit by the candles of hundreds of faithful followers who lined the route, and those of the Nazarenes from all the municipality’s Easter brotherhoods (Cofradías), dressed in their coloured robes.

The crowd became emotional as the Cristo de la Buena Muerte emerged from the darkness to a military march, followed by the Nazarenes and the Virgen de los Dolores. At the end of the route, back in the Plaza de la Iglesia, there was an emotional encounter between the two floats.

Once the Station of Penitence had been completed, the statues of Christ and the two thieves were taken along the path to the Monte Calvario where, after a dramatisation of the Passion that is unique in the Valencian Community, they were put up on the three crosses atop the hill and left there until dawn on Good Friday.