Bar Alegría, Micky’s Inn and Mesón Nostrum won prizes in first edition last month


The success of the first edition of the Entre Narajos Tapas Toute, which was held on October 31, was such that a second edition has already been agreed for next year, informed Councillor Sofía Álvarez.

She said that about 3,000 Brions live in the urbanisation in rural Orihuela, which was “filled with life and decorations in the streets and bars and a big turnout of people”.

She presented prizes and commemorative plaques to the establishments that won. The award for best tapa went to Bar Alegría; for best ambience and decorations to Micky’s Inn; and for best presentation to Mesón Nostrum.

She also congratulated all the other establishments that had taken part, “since this tapas route has been a very good way to bring together residents of different nationalities, and to promote national and international cuisine, boosting local businesses and establishments”.


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