Party takes disciplinary action against them for supporting convicted mayor

Archive photo of San Fulgencio Mayor Carlos Ramírez (right)

The Partido Popular (PP) has expelled five San Fulgencio councillors for refusing to give up their departments and supporting Mayor Carlos Ramírez, who was convicted of administrative corruption.

The PP now only has one representative left, Manuel Gómez, who will move into the opposition.

The party’s coordinator for Alicante province, Rafael Candela accued the rest (Paulino Herrero, Vicente Murcia, Susana Ortuño, Mari Ángeles Ortuño and Borja Alonso) of not accepting the firm principles of honesty, loyalty and responsibility.

“Their attitude is fraud for the people who voted for the PP,” he said.

He accused them of betraying the legal declaration they all signed promising to quit the council if they disobeyed the party. They will now form an independent council with the mayor

Candela thanked Manuel Gómez for his loyalty and said he is the only authorised voice of the PP in San Fulgencio and he will keep fighting for the interests of the town and its inhabitants.

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