Workers Committee criticises that Emergency areas are “overflowing”


The Workers Committee for the Torrevieja Hospital company has complained that the Emergencies and Critical areas have been “overflowing” for months “without enough being done about it”. They belive this is not a seasonal peak because the population of Torrevieja fluctuates differently.

They claim in a statement that the Intensive Medicine service has set aside beds (which were not open until now because there are not enough staff for this many), on top of which are patients admitted to reanimation from surgery who come from Intensive Care (UCI).

They explain that there is still a shortage of beds which means patients who should be in Intensive Care stay for a long time in the observation area of Emergencies.

“The problem is so serious that there are cases of patients who after having a cardiac catheter after a serious heart attack, have to stay in the Emergencies consultation stalls because there is no space in observation or the UCI, which is where they really should be,” they complain.

In addition to this, even though more beds have been added to the critical area, the extra medical staff to treat them has not been considered so a doctor on call has to attend to 21 patients plus any critical ones who may come in, and handle this situation.

In reanimation the nurses have seen their workload increase considerably because they not only have patients from their own department but also ones from UCI.

All this means the quality and above all safety of care for critical patients in Emergencies and the UCI is inadequate.

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