Thief caught in joint National Police and Guardia Civil operation


National Police in Elche working with Guardia Civil in Pilar de la Horadada have attested a 32 year old Algerian man accused pretending to be an electricity company worker to commit numerous thefts and credit card fraud.

The crimes had been reported in places around the Vega Baja, like Almoradí, Pilar de la Horadada and Orihuela.

Victims said valuable electronic objects, personal documents and bank cards had been stolen when they were distracted or from their homes. The thief used the stolen cards to try to empty the victims’ bank accounts.

Cash machine security cameras were crucial to the identification of the suspect and finding where he lived in Elche.

Officers searched his house and found many of the stolen objects and documents which linked him directly to other crimes that were still being investigated in other areas.

They also found props including jackets and logos that he used to pass for a worker from a well known electricity company so that he could gain the trust of his victims and they would let him into their homes.

As a result of this close collaboration between the National Police and Guardia Civil, they have cleared up a total of 8 thefts from inside houses and one fraud, for which a court ordered the man to be sent to prison immediately.

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