Group believe Cala Ferrris cannot take any more environmental and social pressure

Cala Ferris

The group ‘Salvemos Lo Ferris’ (Save Lo Ferris) has asked that Cala Ferris be excluded from the public vote to decide where to locate the future beach for dogs in Torrevieja, after the Town Hall named it as one of the options being considered along with Cala Cornuda, Cala de los Trabajos, Cala de los Carabineros, Cala del Moro and La Mata.

On Sunday at their monthly meeting the group decided to put out a statement to explaining that “this place is under asphyxiating environmental and social pressure”, and so now is the time to “help it recover, save it before new events put its future at risk”.

They also believe “there are other options that could be taken and would better serve this purpose without harming its users, with and without pets, and the animals themselves that end up suffering the stress of conflicts”. The group assured they defend “use of a public and varied nature, where different ways of recreational and natural enjoyment can be combined”.

“We say yes to animals, yes to an area set up for them to swim, but no to more pressure and unnecessary speculation about Cala Ferris at the most vulnerable time in its history,” they explained.

As well as the irregularities they presented to the Town Hall asking for the building licence to be annulled and the “wall of shame” to be demolished, they also announced they will present objections to the Valencian Government’s PATIVEL Green Action Plan for the Coast, so that it might value the cattle trail at Cala Ferris and increase the protection for it.

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