Callosa resident conned out of almost €3,000

Two men, both aged 30, have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Torrevieja for banking fraud, as they were using cloned cards to make purchases on the internet and pay for trips and hotels. The amount taken, at the moment, is €3,500, although it is expected that more victims will appear.

Guardia Civil officers from Alicante carried out a detailed investigation which culminated in the arrests, one of them is of Swedish origin and a resident of Torrevieja and the other a resident of Aigües de Busot. Both are charged with fraudulent use of cards.

Thanks to the investigation, the methods they used have been found out. They used both credit and debit cards, made numerous purchases of different objects on internet websites, and also paid for various stays in luxury hotels in Spain and France, and trips between various countries.

The victims of these frauds noticed when their card statements arrived or they received notification from their bank about the payments. Because they still had their cards in their possession, those used must have been clones.

The Alicante Guardia Civil Technological Offences Unit has completely cleared up two frauds, one against a resident of Callosa de Segura to the value of €2,910 and the other against a resident of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, to the value of €577.95. They are also finalising the investigation of more incidents and expect more victims to appear, who possibly have not yet reported or noticed the fraud.

The Orihuela Court authorised two searches, in Aigües de Busot and Torrevieja, this last place being where the arrests took place.

The officers seized four portable computers, two desktop computers, three mobile phones, two micro SD cards, a SIM card, four card wallets, a pen drive, a locked safe and lots of documentation obtaining post. The two men were put at judicial disposition and have been released on charges.

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