ASMEGU gala to set up care at home programme

The Guardamar del Segura Mental Health Association (ASMEGU) has organised a charity gala for Saturday, December 3rd with the objective of collecting funds to set up a care at home programme. The event will take place at the Casa de Cultura from 7pm and the entry price is €8.

This amount will be given to ASMEGU for them to instigate a resource that they want to provide patients with medical and psychological intervention at their home, because this is a familiar and conducive place for a person to start treatment with a specialised medical service.

They hope to reach people with symptoms who are not being treated by the health system, intervene on behalf of undiagnosed patients who are isolated, sick people with a diagnosis but who are disconnected from medical attention services and/or are taking the appropriate treatment (either pharmaceutical or psychological), mentally ill people in high risk situations, and incapacitated people who are unable to travel.

This service would also offer the possibility to help patients in a situation of crisis who refuse to attend the appropriate mental health unit.

ASMEGU said the benefits would include early diagnosis, improving patients’ adherence to therapy, inclusion of patients and their illness in a normal environment, and a financial saving for patients as they would have to travel less.

Artists performing at the gala include Ana Aldeguer, Nic Ramírez, Juan Punzano Copla, the band Noray and the Dance School Chari Candela.