Suspect was already under a restraining order

Callosa Local Police arrested a resident early on Sunday morning who had tried to set fire to the home that his partner and children lived in.

According to the police, he was already under a restraining order. They reminded that 016 is the telephone hotline for information and legal advice about gender violence. It is available 24 hours a day and leaves no trace on telephone bills.

Road safety and disobedience

The municipal officers also arrested two drivers at the weekend who were over the permitted blood alcohol limit. The first, a resident of Albatera registered a level of 0.68 milligrams per litre; the second, a resident of Callosa, registered 0.71.

Lastly, the Local Police finished the weekend with the arrest of an individual in a public establishment on Calle Don Pedro Aragonés for an alleged offence of disobedience and resistance when he was found to be causing a disturbance.

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