Town Hall has to cover their additional transport costs to get to work

Two court sentences have ordered Orihuela Town Hall to compensate ten workers for the rubbish collection service with a total of €102,716 for the journeys they have had to make for years from Orihuela city to the coast to get to work. The Town Hall will also have to cover part of their transport costs from now on.

Council spokesman Rafael Almagro explained the workers complaints are previous to 2012, when the service was municipalised. They complained then against the company that was in charge of the service then. Only after the municipalisation of the service is the Town Hall responsible for covering the compensation.

Specifically there is one sentence that awarded one worker who made an individual complaint €10,307, and another presented by the CC OO union on behalf of nine workers who the Town Hall has to pay €92,409 each.

Almagro said the municipalisation of the service by the previous council had resulted in “unexpected costs at all levels”.