Questionnaire to prevent and detect possible cases given to 4,591 women from January to October

The Torrevieja Hospital area Health Department has detected 130 cases of male violence against women from January to October 2016, by applying the Valencian Government’s programme against gender violence.

These cases of physical, mental and/or sexual abuse were detectd by healthcare professionals at the Hospital and Health Centres in the area, who gave the questionnaire to prevent and detect possible cases given to 4,591 women.

Torrevieja has been one of the most committed areas in the Valencian Community at actively searching for cases of gender violence. In the first quarter of the year 1,057 women were questioned, compared to an average of 556 in other areas.

The questionnaire is given to women aged over 14 and when a case is detected specialised protocol is activated to protect them, which include the 24 hour Women’s Centre, Social Services, the Police and the Guardia Civil.

The Department congratulated its professionals for their effor and commitment.

Social workers also took part in the annual Congress about Violence Against Women, organised by the Provincial Council. They agreed that events like this help them to deepen their knowledge and improve detection, notification and intervention in their daily work with bigger and better tools.

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