2016 is to date the third driest year since data has been collected in the town

Rain in Torrevieja on Wednesday / Proyecto Mastral

Yesterday was the rainiest day we have seen of this year in Torrevieja, indicated the data compiled by the Mastral Project, which collected 19 litres per square metre of precipitation. Even so, 2016 is to date the third driest since data started being collected in the town, although there is still just over a month to go.

It was principally during the night and the first hours of the morning when most of it fell although there was also a downpour at the end of the day.

The instability has withdrawn today, Thursday and it has been sunnier but fresh. It will be from Friday when the depression returns to our area, again complicating the meteorological situation. The probability of rain will increase and remain very high during the weekend and probably also during the start of next week.

The weather for the fiestas

Because of the Patron Fiestas in honour of La Purisima in Torrevieja, the Mastral Project has set up a special website offering weather forecasts for those times and days when there are activities in the open air, starting with the children’s parade on Sunday.

All the information can be found at www.patronales.eltiempoentorrevieja.es and as well as detailed and reliable predictions and commentaries you will be able to find tools like radar images and the current meteorological conditions in Torrevieja.

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