Choice of six coves and beaches agreed between all political parties

Torrevieja councillor Javier Manzanares has informed that all the local political parties on the council have supported the local government’s proposal to put the location of the future beach for dogs to a vote by the people. The consultation will be made from a total of six beaches and coves that meet the necessary conditions to house this service.

The choices are as follows: Cala Ferrís, Cala de los Trabajos (by the Mar Bella old people’s home), Cala de los Carabineros, Cala del Moro in Cabo Cervera, Cala Cornuda and Playa de La Mata. Some of the proposed locations are already enclosed by their natural characteristics while La Mata and Cala Cornuda would have to have a space set aside artificially.

Manzanares assured they want pet owners to enjoy the beach with their dogs by next Easter and thanked the opposition for their willingness and the good atmosphere that prevailed at the meetings. He added he is convinced that when the modification to the bye-law goes to a vote at Thursday’s council meeting it will be approved unanimously. This modification is the preliminary step to enable Torrevieja to authorise an area where dogs can swim.  

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