Clouds bring rain and cooler temperatures this week

Although the weather has cooled down this autumn there has been very little rain so far. Every time an unstable weather system has come close it has dissipated just before reaching this area. This time of year the atmosphere is very dynamic, changing a lot in a short space of time. The pocket of cold air at altitude that was expected to come at the beginning of last week ended up mostly affecting Algeria, where there was heavy hail. This does not require the influence of planes trying to control the weather or “chem trails”, this area is, like any other, susceptible to droughts.

The Vega Baja had still only had a few drops this November but this week looks been unstable on several days. The weather is coming from the Atlantic and although this area will certainly not be the wettest it is news enough when we get any rain at all.

The changes have come a long distance. The North Pole has higher temperatures than usual due to more active atmospheric circulation, increasing the probability that cold air is pushed down over the Iberian Peninsula. Precisely one of these polar ice pockets is driving the weather over most of Spain this week.

The forecast for Orihuela and the Vega Baja is expected to go from the springlike temperatures of almost 25ºC last Friday to levels more typical for this time of year. In principal, the wind should not make any headlines, with not much more than the occasional strong gust. The chances of light to moderate showers is also high today and Wednesday, before clearing on Thursday but probably returning towards the weekend.


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