Over 167,000 operations, and about 2 million emergencies and 13,000 births since 2006

Torrevieja University Hospital has celebrated the tenth anniversary since its inauguration on November 21st, 2006.

The Manager of the Torrevieja area Health Department, Dr José Antonio Velasco said the hopsital has matured over these years and he valued the effort and involvement of the professionals who work as a team to offer people personalised and quality attention. He said this is reflected in the recognitions they have received from patients, relatives, scientific organisations and society in general. “It is a pleasure for me to form part of this team since the beginning and to witness the achievements over these ten years,” he added.


One of the management’s main objectives is to resolve heath problems early. The current average waiting time for surgery is 32 days, compared to 127 around the Valencian Community, according to the latest Valencian Government data.

“It is a responsibility to offer everyone quality attention,” explained Dr José David Zafrilla, Assistant Director of Management. He announced that their commitment for this year, 2016 is to maintain the waiting time below 35 days and the average wait for a consultation at no more than 25 days.

Treatment data

The data about its activity includes more than 167,000 operations, of which 70% did not require admission to hospital. There have been almost 3 million appointments for consultations, almost 23 million emergencies have been attended to around the Department (including health centres) for which there was an average waiting time of 35 minutes, and about 13,000 births since the hospital opened. A total of 1,850,000 x-rays have been taken, 10,000 haemodynamic tests and 200,000 of anatomical pathology.


The hospital also teaches doctors in residence and recently has established links with universities for research, explained Dr Velasco. He also assured that employees have excellent working conditions, as evidenced by the unanimous signing of the collective agreement.


Torrevieja Hospital has also added new services and techniques over this period, and has highly trained specialists and the latest technology to offer innovative techniques like urology sergery with green laser, bloodless surgery and shoulder surgery.


For the tenth anniversary the hospital hosted a homage to patients, charities and professionals. They included the AECC cancer charity, the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the family of Dr García Gea, who the centre is named after, as well as all the professionals working in the Department.

The Mayor of Torrevieja José Manuel Dolón invited all the professionals to “keep working in this way, looking after all of us”. “I believe Torrevieja has a good balance and we must keep working to benefit the patients’ health”.

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