Cash and jewellery recovered after attacks in Alicante and Murcia provinces

The Guardia Civil have arrested 12 members of a criminal gang that committed attacks and robberies in Alicante and Murcia provinces.

In total they have arrested eight Spanish, ecuadorian and Colombianb men and four Spanish and Ecuadorian women. They are accused of 11 robberies with violence, six counts of injuring people and illegally possessing weapons, breaking and entering and being part of a criminal gang.

Seven homes were searched on the Cartagena areas of Playa Honda, La Aparecida and Portman, La Unión (also in Murcia) and Orihuela. €54,000, two shotguns, several knives and more than 180 pieces of jewellery and watches were confiscated.

Th investighation started in november last year after several service stations and shops in the cartagena countryside were robbed. An experienced and violent gang was identified, one which disguised themselves with balaclavas and did not hesitate to beat their victims and threaten them with firearms, knives and machetes, before fleeing with expert getaway drivers.

Service stations were robbed by groups of three or more criminals, who injured six employees who did not cooperate with them.

Houses with people inside were also targeted, including two people who were tied up and beaten at their home in Cartagena, and who lost about €60,000 and over €100,00 worth of jewellery. A male Ecuadorian gang member was interceted in Albacete province as he was heading for Madrid with his girlfriend carrying a replica firearm, a TV, €28,500 and lots jewellery from the robbery.

The other members were identified and located and then the Guardia Civil carried out the raids. They have since returned some of the stolen goods to their rightful owners. The rest is in the custody of Court Nº1 in Cartagena, which ordered five of the suspects into prison.


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