Town Hall informed work will begin in first quarter of 2017

The EPSAR (Public Waste Water Sanitation Company) is going to cover the sludge tank of the Torrevieja EDRAR (sewage plant) at the beginning of next year, Mayor José Manuel Dolón has informed at a press conference. He said he was happy they are going to deal with a problem that he has always been “very worried” about and “thousands of people” have to deal with its environmental impact.

He said EPSAR replied to his letter saying the project to cover the sludge tank is finished and being checked so according to the schedule work should begin in the first quarter of 2017 and take about four months.

He assured the council is obliged to check sure the timetable is being kept to so that the covering “either stops or considerably reduces the intensity of the smells”.

Dolón reminded that Torrevieja is the only municipality in the Valencian Community still without a covered tank “because its leaders allowed it”. This is a “notable failing especially considering it concerns a minor work compared to the cost of the infrastructure itself”.

He noted another reason the smell is so bad around the EDAR is that sludge is transported in trucks without hermetic seals. He has spoken to AGAMED several times about this and told them the vehicles need to be changed to stop the smells.

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