‘Sabores de Dolores’ will help beginners learn classic recipes

The Dolores Housewives’ Association have presented a new cookbook they have made, called ‘Sabores de Dolores’ (Flavours of Dolores). The presentation at the Town Hall was packed with residents who did not want to miss the occasion.

Mayor José Joaquín Hernández said it is “a stupendous initiative that will publicise the great cuisine of our town”, and “hopefully also encourage more young people to try cooking at home, making healthy and balanced meals. If younger women and men too try them then the recipes of our mothers and grandmothers will never be lost”.

The Housewives’ Association President, Clotilde Soria said the book is “the fruit of our enthusiasm and hard work, but would not have been possible without the Town Hall’s technical and financial support”.

“We hope this book will help people who are just starting out in cookery, the young people,” she added.

Copies are available in the stationery and book stores (Papelerías) in Dolores, and from the Housewives’ Association.

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