Two men and a woman stopped at routine checkpoint

The Guardia Civil arrested three people last weekend – two men and a woman between 24 and 34 years old – in Orihuela, who were carrying 162 grams of amphetamine powder.

Officers from the Orihuela Traffic division were carrying out a routine checkpoint for drugs and alcohol on the N-340 by the village of La Aparecida when they stopped the car.

Everything seemed normal until the officers noticed a strange bulge on the front of the vehicle, sticking out just below the number plate on the left hand side.

They removed a package wrapped in plastic containing a white powder, a sample of which was submitted to a drug test and gave a positive result for amphetamines.

The driver, who also tested positive for alcohol, and the two passengers of the car were arrested for drug dealing. They are a Spaniard of Ecuadorian origin, aged 25 and a resident of Bigastro, a Colombian aged 24 resident in Murcia and a Spanish woman aged 34 resident in Redován.

They were put before a court and released on charges.

The amphetamines that were confiscated are valued at about €3,000, although they could reach a value on the back market to end users of more than double that.

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