Photos show how to use your belly as a canvas to express emotions

Torrevieja university Hospital is hosting the first Creativity for Pregnant Women exhibition, based on a workshop a few months ago which got expecting mothers in the maternity department to use their bellies as a canvas. Both mothers and their partners show their excitement in the photos, having used their bellies to express emotions and states of mind.

Pregnancy is a time in which the creative and intuitive capacity of women is heightened and encouraging this enables mothers and their partners to feel the connection with their babies more intensely. Artistic expression also generates endorphins (the hormones that produce happiness), which are transmitted to the baby and favour its well being. What’s more, secretion of this hormone also helps when it comes to giving birth.

The objective of this initiative was to get future mothers and their partners to break from their routines and increase their self esteem so that they can release these so called ‘happiness hormones’.

Because Torrevieja Hospital is aware of the importance of humanising its users, it set up this initiative to collect some unique memories for the participants in a fun atmosphere, soi that their bodies could release endorphins and they could feel better about themselves.

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