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Day: November 3, 2016

October was hot and dry despite the storm

Get your coats ready for next week The month that is always the rainiest in our climate here has actually been dry and very hot this year. The data from the weather stations of the Mastral Project in Torrevieja indicate that the average temperature was one degree Centigrade above the average. This confirms most people’s general impression. 85% of the people surveyed for the Mastral Project indicated that October was hotter than usual, 14% said it was normal and only 1% that it was colder. When it comes to rain, October was a dry month, registering a total of just over half the benchmark figure of the last 30 years. However there was a noteworthy storm on Thursday October 20th that unloaded 15 litres per square metre of rain in a few minutes with considerable force. Across the Valencian Community, according to AEMET, October was very hot and dry, with an average temperature 1.5ºC above average and just under half the usual amount of rain. Cold is around the corner The weather has been stable and temperatures very pleasant for the first few days of November, with temperatures approaching 30ºC in inland areas of the Vega Baja on Thursday and Saturday and about 27ºC on the coast. However, this situation’s days are numbered. Everything indicates that from Sunday the weather will change and bring cold and perhaps a bit...

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Exhibition of esparto at the Rojales caves

Concerts and art and crafts market this Sunday The rodeo caves neighbourhood of Rojales becomes the local capital of culture again this weekend. The Sala Mengolero will be hosting an exhibition by Jorge Izquierdo Gómez called ‘Esparto: in creation and artistic inspiration’. This exhibition will have a series of pieces that use esparto grass as a support medium, a pictorial element and an inspiration. It has been organised in collaboration with people who work with esparto around the Vega Baja as well as other institutions, including the National Archaeology Museum (MAN). The inauguration will be on Sunday, november 6th at 11:30am. During the morning, visitors will also be able to enjoy the traditional art and crafts market, as well as workshops in lathing in cave 12 and recycling in cave 2. The day also has two concerts programmed, with the singer songwriter El Toubab at 12pm at the Tetería cave and classical guitarist Diego Corraliza playing early 20th century Spanish music at 4pm in the B.Art...

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Torrevieja Hospital hosts Creative Pregnancy exhibition

Photos show how to use your belly as a canvas to express emotions Torrevieja university Hospital is hosting the first Creativity for Pregnant Women exhibition, based on a workshop a few months ago which got expecting mothers in the maternity department to use their bellies as a canvas. Both mothers and their partners show their excitement in the photos, having used their bellies to express emotions and states of mind. Pregnancy is a time in which the creative and intuitive capacity of women is heightened and encouraging this enables mothers and their partners to feel the connection with their babies more intensely. Artistic expression also generates endorphins (the hormones that produce happiness), which are transmitted to the baby and favour its well being. What’s more, secretion of this hormone also helps when it comes to giving birth. The objective of this initiative was to get future mothers and their partners to break from their routines and increase their self esteem so that they can release these so called ‘happiness hormones’. Because Torrevieja Hospital is aware of the importance of humanising its users, it set up this initiative to collect some unique memories for the participants in a fun atmosphere, soi that their bodies could release endorphins and they could feel better about...

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San Miguel marches against cancer

Over 400 people joined in for Afecáncer on Sunday More than 400 people participated in a marcha gainst cancer through the streets of San Miguel de Salinas on Sunday, October 30th. The event was organised by the Town Hall, the Mancomunidad La Vega and Club Correbike, with help from the company Tabisam. The route covered a total of 5 kilometres and the participants collaborated with the charity Afecáncer by donating €2...

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