Councillor assures company is only owned one invoice for €7,000


Orihuela Town Hall is investigating whether it could claim for damages against the company Solred, which supplies all the municipal vehicles with fuel, after it “turned off the tap” to the Local Police in Orihuela Costa for an unpaid bill of €7,000, while the company claims it is over €30,000, announced Councillor Rafael Almagro.

As a consequence, Orihuela Costa Local Police cars have to go to the city to fill up, taking up over two hours of their shift when they are supposed to be providing security. In some cases they have not even been able to come out to do their duty because of lack of fuel.

For this reason, Almagro said he was “profoundly disgusted” with the attitude of Solred with which he said “there is a valid contract and only one invoice is owed from 2014 for €7,000 but the payments for 2016 are up to date”.

“When a company works with the authorities it has to understand that these things happen,” he said, “we’re going to do everything possible to regain this Town Hall’s honour because what Solred has done is far from legitimate”.

Especially because, according to Almagro, the company signed a new contract with Orihuela Town Hall in November 2015 knowing that an invoice was still owing from 2015.

Until the situation is resolved “they will have to refuel with invoices that will have to be paid”.

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