Fabulous photos as hundreds of children joined in the fun

Scary costumes, music and dance were the hallmarks of Orihuela’s Halloween parade again this year, with hundreds of children turning the streets into a scene from a horror film they are probably too young to have even seen.

For several hours there were countless ghosts and witches and other traditional costumes, as well as the most famous villains from films aimed at younger audiences, like Disney’s Maleficent and characters from The Nightmare before Christmas.

The Friends of Music and Dance cultural Association (ACAMDO) organised this event once again to coincide with the last Friday of school before October 31st. This time they were helped by the Orihuela Shopkeepers Association (ACMO) and the Town Hall. Hundreds of families joined the parade, which went from the Parque Bernardo Ruiz to the Glorieta Gabriél Miró, where dancing and activities had been arrange to entertain the little ones.

halloween orihuela 2016 2

halloween orihuela 2016 3

halloween orihuela 2016 5

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