Local police from around the Vega Baja have taken a course in Dolores

50 Local Police officers from 14 municipalities around the Vega Baja have taken part in a course in Dolores teaching them about drivers on drugs.

The course tackles questions like procedures to detect drivers on drugs, fines and judiucial procedures, and requirements for officers when they are manning checkpoints to detect drug use.

Dolores mayor Joaquín Hernández inaugurated the course with Local Police Chief Cristian Cañizares. The speakers were the Provincial Road Safety Prosecutor, José Antonio Artieda, and a senior officer from the Elche Local Police Road Safety and Criminality Team, José Sanchez.

At the closing of the course, Councillor Antonio Bascuñana expressed his satisfaction at how well attended it had been and said they want to continue putting on more training like this to improve the police service.

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