Worried residents had put up warning posters

The poster put up by residents

The National Police have arrested a 16 year old boy, legally a minor, of Spanish nationality had the San Pedro neighbourhood of Orihuela living in fear over the last few weeks, when several attempted sexual assaults have been reported in the Ronda Santo Domingo area.

Although the boy was arrested for stealing a mobile phone, once he was in police custody it became known that he was the youth who had been reported for an attempted sexual assault that had happened inside a building.

The alarm in the neighbourhood was such that residents had made a warning poster an distributed it on local buildings and using Whatsapp and social networks. It warned that the attacker’s method was to follow women and then pounce on them in the doorway of their block of flats as they were going inside.

The residents claimed there have been four incidents of the youth acting in this way, although only two of these have been officially reported to police.

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