Police ask people not to dress as evil clowns this Halloween in the wake of recent incidents around Spain

The National Police have publicised five pieces of advice to have a safe Halloween, given the numerous parties and parades that have been organised for the occasion.

They have asked using social media that people do not dress up as evil clowns, after in recent weeks the craze of using these costumes to surprise people or even commit offences has spread from the USA to Spain .

“That costume is very old hat now,” said the police in their message, and they encouraged people to look for alternatives in order to enjoy a safer Halloween. They also asked people not to share messages on the internet that might spread social alarm. If you come across anyone dressed like this, do not provoke them, use your common sense and if you are in a dangerous situation, call 091 or 112.

Their other advice included not to dress up as a police officer, for children only to go out trick or treating in a group, and to leave the car behind if you are going to drink alcohol.

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