Almoradí second hand car fair is on now until Sunday

The Second Hand Car Fair has just opened in the Plaza Almoradí Ciudad de Servicios, where nine local dealerships are participating until Sunday, October 30th.

The Almoradí car sector association president, José María Espinosa said these companies are bringing a big selection of second hand, semi new and zero mileage vehicles, with prices for all pockets from €3,000.

At the last edition they managed to sell 30-35% of the cars on show, “and we also made contact with many customers who completed their purchase weeks or months after the fair”.

As a new feature, Espinosa explained that anyone who acquires an automobile during the show will get a year of free maintenance, and buyers will still be able to get on the spot financing to suit them.

Councillor Adela Caracena thanked the association for their work and announced that they are going to turn the next edition, which will be the 20th, into a party.

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