Vega Baja Hospital area has 21,500 vaccines available

Vega Baja Hospital manager Miguel Fayos getting vaccinated

The Valencian Government flu vaccination campaign started this week in the Orihuela area and the rest of the Valencian Community. This campaign aims to reduce contagion of this virus that affects many people and can have serious consequences for risk groups.

The Orihuela area is covered by Vega Baja Hospital and has made 21,500 vaccinations available to reach the target population, based on the results of the last campaign.

At the launch of the campaign in Vega Baja Hospital the management wanted to motivate healthcare professionals and the public to get vaccinated. Manager Dr Miguel Fayos said “it is important for health workers to know they are a key group, not only to protect patients but themselves and their families”.

This year’s campaign is also focusing on pregnant women and children under 14 with risk factors, people with chronic conditions and people over 60. To reach them paediatricians, GPs and matrons are helping to recommend vaccinations.

“Pregnant woman can be vaccinated in any month of pregnancy without any health risk. The risk of complications from flu increase during pregnancy due to physiological changes in gestation,” said Dr José Cano Montoro, Orihuela public health director.

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