Orihuela Costa residents in Cabo Roig ask town hall to sort out dangerous bridge over motorway

Bridge over the AP-7 on Calle Cabo de Creus, Orihuela Costa

For more than six years residents have had to be brave to cross the bridge over the AP-7 on Calle Cabo de Creus on foot because it has no pavements or lighting and they risk getting run over by the numerous vehicles that drive over it. Residents of the urbanisation Lomas de Cabo Roig en Orihuela Costa, via the future president of the residents association they are going to set up, Carlos González Hernández, have reported this to the FAOC Federation of Orihuela Costa Associations.

In a press release they assure the danger is “enormous” when a person is taking a baby’s pushchair; or when two trucks cross at the same time as a pedestrian passes by, which forces them to stop to avoid an accident; or at night, as the lack of lighting particularly increases the danger of accidents.

This bridge is the only access road connecting a large number of residents from the inland urbanisations (Lomas de Cabo Roig, La Cuerda, Lomas de Golf, etc.) with the Orihuela Costa Health Centre, the pharmacy, and the beaches and other services on the coast. For this reason it is important to resolve it as soon as possible.

The FAOC reminded that a year ago the Municipal Council approved that this bridge should be widened, adapting it for use by pedestrians, when they voted in favour of a motion presented by the Ciudadanos party. However “so far no-one knows on what date this work is expected, as the Town Hall’s administrative process still has not finished”.

The residents’ association explained it is important to take into account that the promoter of the urbanisation is the one responsible for doing the work, which has a deposit of €1.2 million with the Town Hall that could be used to carry it out in case the company does not do it. For this reason “there is no need to assign any money from the budget to realise this project”.

Given the urgency to eradicate this serous danger to the residents who use this bridge, the FAOC has called on the municipal authorities to speed up the administrative process and get the work done as soon as possible, since if something unfortunate should happen to a person as a result of this situation, they understand that there could be possible consequences for the lack of municipal action, especially as the motion was supported a year ago.

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