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Day: October 24, 2016

A bridge only for the brave?

  Orihuela Costa residents in Cabo Roig ask town hall to sort out dangerous bridge over motorway Bridge over the AP-7 on Calle Cabo de Creus, Orihuela Costa For more than six years residents have had to be brave to cross the bridge over the AP-7 on Calle Cabo de Creus on foot because it has no pavements or lighting and they risk getting run over by the numerous vehicles that drive over it. Residents of the urbanisation Lomas de Cabo Roig en Orihuela Costa, via the future president of the residents association they are going to set up, Carlos González Hernández, have reported this to the FAOC Federation of Orihuela Costa Associations. In a press release they assure the danger is “enormous” when a person is taking a baby’s pushchair; or when two trucks cross at the same time as a pedestrian passes by, which forces them to stop to avoid an accident; or at night, as the lack of lighting particularly increases the danger of accidents. This bridge is the only access road connecting a large number of residents from the inland urbanisations (Lomas de Cabo Roig, La Cuerda, Lomas de Golf, etc.) with the Orihuela Costa Health Centre, the pharmacy, and the beaches and other services on the coast. For this reason it is important to resolve it as soon as possible. The FAOC reminded that...

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Man faces 22 years for sexually assaulting two children in Orihuela

Children were threatened with a knife in January 2015 The Alicante Provincial Court – at its headquarters in Elche – has put a man on trial today (Monday) accused of sexually assaulting two underage children in Orihuela. According to the Prosecution Service, the events happened in January 2015 when, on at least two occasions the accused threatened the children with a knife and made them to go to some waste ground, where he forced himself on them. The prosecutor is asking for a sentence of 22 years in prison for the repeated offences of sexual assault against minors aged under...

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Orihuela woman arrested for drug dealing

Suspect was hiding heroin in her underwear The Orihuela Local Police Special Citizen Security Group (GESC) arrested a female resident last week who is accused of dealing drugs. The officers knew about her alleged activities and watched her driving to the outskirts of the municipality, which aroused their suspicions as she returned back towards her house a few hours later. At that moment the officers stopped and searched the vehicle, where they did not find any evidence on their first inspection and the woman was taken to the National Police station to be searched by a female officer. However, it was the accused woman herself who voluntarily handed over a bag she had been hiding in her underwear. Finally the woman was arrested and put at judicial disposition after finding that the bag contained 33 grams of heroin. With this arrest the GESC has struck another blow against small scale drug...

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MeteOrihuela to warn Town Hall of dangerous weather

Pedro Gómez signs agreement to advise when storms or gales are predicted Orihuela Town Hall has signed an agreement with the meteorologist Pedro Gómez Cascales, the man behind the MeteOrihuela project, to receive advice and collaboration about reacting to extreme weather. It was signed on Friday at the Town Hall with Councillor Victor Valverde, Emergency Coordinator Jesús Rodríguez and Civil Protection boss Pepe Andújar. With this, Gómez has become a volunteer collaborator with the Emergencies Department, a job for which he will not get paid but will provide services including a weekly bulletin and a short term forecast of possible meteorological phenomena. “In this way we are increasing the quality of our actions and the services we provide to the public,” explained Valverde. This collaboration will, for example, speed up decision making about whether to prohibit outdoor activities in case of storms or cancel school classes because of wind or rain. “It is much quicker that the 112 service and more accurate,” pointed out the councillor, who indicated that the Valencian government service is more generalised while Meteorihuela concentrates on local predictions. Pedro Gómez, a Geography graduate with a Masters in Meteorology, has the only officially approved weather station in all Orihuela, and under this agreement will he will use all his instruments to make predictions for the Town...

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ONCE lottery leaves share of €9 million in Torrevieja

Vendor also sold another 10 tickets with €25,000 prizes in Alicante Province The ‘Cuponazo’ draw of the ONCE (Spanish Organisation for the Blind) lottery on Friday, October 21st shared its jackpot of €9,000,000 (for getting five numbers and the ‘serie’ number) between Torrevieja, Torremanzana and Jijona, in which area another €250,000 were also shared out between 10 tickets that won prizes of €25,000 each (for getting just the five numbers). The ONCE ticket vendor who brought this luck to the province, José Vicente Montiel Candial has been spreading joy in these municipalities for 17...

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