Thursday’s storm dropped up to 20mm of rain in some areas

The storm over Orihuela – by MeteOrihuela

As of October 20, 2016, the amount of rain to have fallen in Orihuela since January 1st has exceeded 100 litres per square metre. Fortunately for the Vega Baja area, what is usually the rainiest month of the year, is proving to be just that. October is the quintessential month for predominantly bad weather and when we usually ‘change the wardrobe’ in our area.

The line of storms that dominated yesterday afternoon’s weather was active for many hours, affecting Albacete province and Murcia region before arriving here. An impressive ‘Cumulonimbus arcus’ batters the Vega Baja – which is a low, horizontal cloud formation associated with the leading edge of thunderstorm outflow – brought peaks of torrential rain and was at the same time unusual for the intensity of the electrical discharges within just a few kilometres.

In Orihuela the maximum instensity of the rain was 110.8mm per hour at 5:25pm. From the start to the end of the storm the thermometer dropped by 4.9ºC (from 22.2ºC to 17.3ºC). In the city a total of 10.4mm of rain fell, with a maximum wind speed of 24.1km/h at 5:13pm. As can be seen on the graphic though, twice that amount of rain fell in Benijófar, where 21mm was recorded.

Over the course of Friday the bad weather has receded and this should continue over the weekend, with the chance of rain gradually reducing and temperatures recovering on Saturday, thanks to southerly winds blowing in.

storm rainfall data

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