Orihuela Town Hall loans space to local charity to hold its activities

The Oriolana Association Against Parkinson’s Disease now has a place to hold its activities and for people affected by the illness and their families to meet.

It is on the first floor of the Ociopia Commercial Centre in Orihuela city and is owned by the Town Hall, which is letting it be used by local charities, of which this is they first.

Mayor Emilio Bascuñana and Councillors Sabina Galindo and Noelia Grao and the charitry’s president, Lola Arques inaugurated the office today, which will attend to the 64 members of the association.

Arques indicated that they will receive speechterapy sessions, psychological talks and individualised physiotherapy exercises, among other activities.

She asked the public to help this charity, which was set up in April in order to offer information and help to patients and their relatives affected by Parkinson’s, which is the most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s.

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