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Day: October 20, 2016

Restoring La Mata’s sand dunes

Torrevieja Town Hall and naturalists replace invasive plant species with native ones Torrevieja Town Hall and ANSE (Association of Naturalists of the South East of Spain) have started restoring the sand dunes in the ‘Parque Molino del Agua’ (water mill park) and the dunes by Calle Mayor and other areas in La Mata. Councillor Fanny Serrano said they want to restore biodiversity and landscapes to attract tourism and for environmental education activities. Both organisations are removing invasive plant species and restoring native ones, some of them extinct in the are, like the prickly sampire (Echinophora spinosa – knonw in Spanish as the ‘maritime carrot’), Phoenecian juniper or large-fruited juniper. They are also working in different dune remnants and peripheral areas that have become isolated by buildings. Their activitiy is supported by the Ministry for the Environment. Serrano explained they are removing species like the mimosa (acacia dealbata) or pigface (carprobrotus), which are very damaging to these ecosystems because they change the soil composition. Then this morening they started to reinforce the dune system by planting species including dunar teucrium, sea holly (Eryngium maritimum), samphire (Crithmum maritimum), Lotus creticus, European beach grass (Ammophila arenaria), yellow hornpoppy (Glaucium flavum) and soiuuthern tea tree (Lycium intricatum), among many others. Part of the planting is being done by volunteers so tha local people can get involved in restoring the coast. Also information panels...

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Language exchange between Spaniards and Foreign Residents

Rojales invites residents to learn from each other and integrate For the fourth year in a row, the Department of Youth of Rojales Town Hall is promoting a language exchange programme among Spaniards who are learning a foreign language and foreign residents who are learning the Spanish language and culture. People interested can join this programm (no deadline) by filling a form in the Municipal Centre of Ciudad Quesada or in Rojales Town Hall. The language exchange can be held at the Ciudad Quesada Cultural Centre. This language exchange consists in talking half of the time in Spanish and the other half in the chosen foreign language. This programme wants also to promote and help integration between foreign residents and Spanish locals. A further step for social...

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Meeting point to fight Parkinson’s disease

Orihuela Town Hall loans space to local charity to hold its activities The Oriolana Association Against Parkinson’s Disease now has a place to hold its activities and for people affected by the illness and their families to meet. It is on the first floor of the Ociopia Commercial Centre in Orihuela city and is owned by the Town Hall, which is letting it be used by local charities, of which this is they first. Mayor Emilio Bascuñana and Councillors Sabina Galindo and Noelia Grao and the charitry’s president, Lola Arques inaugurated the office today, which will attend to the 64 members of the association. Arques indicated that they will receive speechterapy sessions, psychological talks and individualised physiotherapy exercises, among other activities. She asked the public to help this charity, which was set up in April in order to offer information and help to patients and their relatives affected by Parkinson’s, which is the most common neurodegenerative disease after...

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San Miguel starts stray cat sterilisation campaign

Residents asked to respect the traps and not feed the cats during the campaign San Miguel de Salinas Town Hall has obtained a subsidy from the Alicante Provincial Council for the sterilisation of stray cat colonies in the municipality. The local Health Department informed that the campaign has now started and trap cages are being installed around the municipality to capture the felines so that they can later be sterilised at a veterinary clinic. It also asked people to respect the traps and to not feed these animals in order to make the work easier for the people carrying out the...

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October activities in Orihuela

Tours and gastronomy, with transport available from Orihuela Costa and Entre Naranjos The Town Hall in Orhuela Costa would like to remind residents of the special activities that are going to take place during this month in Orihuela City. Special activities have been organised on the occasion of the birth of the poet Miguel Hernández, and in Orihuela Costa there is an exhibition of paintings called “Perito en Lunas” by the painter Alfonso Ortuño in the Civic Center in Alameda del Mar. The Town Hall is also organising: – Dramatised Theatre Walks on October 22nd at 7pm and 9pm. – IV Tapas Route in Orihuela from October 28th till 1st November. – Rural District Tour on October 30th in Hurchillo and Arneva – Days of Gastronomy and Culture Conference in Los Ángeles Restaurant in Campoamor. To book a seat, please contact with: 96 530 10 24 For people in Orihuela Costa or Entre Naranjos who are interested in these routes, the Town Hall will provide a bus to Orihuela City. For information and bookings call into the Orihuela Playa Tourist Office at the Town Hall in Playa Flamenca or telephone 96 676 00 00, ext 32 or International Residents, ext...

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