61 year old wanted for offences in the UK against his daughter and another girl

The National Police have arrested a 61 year old British man in Orihuela Costa, who was wanted by the authorities in the UK for offences of sexual assault against minors and child pornography and detained on a European Extradition Order.

The case dates back to the early 1990s when the suspect sexually assaulted his daughter, who was nine years old at the time, informed the police in a statement. During the summer of 2014 he allegedly did it again with a girl aged under 11 and also showed her videos of a sexual nature.

The operation began at the beginning of this October when officers of the Provincial Brigade of Judicial Police were informed that the wanted man could be living in Orihuela, so several police went there and set up a surveillance team, culminating on Thursday with his location and arrest.

The courts of the city of Nottingham charged the suspect, according to the UK penal code, with the offences of indecent assault, sexual assault of a minor, forcing a minor to watch a sexual act, and intimidation of a witness. For these four offences the arrested man could face a sentence of 39 years in prison.

The suspect was put at the disposition of Court of Instruction Nº2 in Alicante on Friday. The arrest was carried out by officers of the officers of the Violent Delinquency Group of the Alicante National Police.

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