Orihuela city bull ring renovation plan an insult to investment starved Costa residents

By the CLARO local political party

The historic bull ring in Orihuela which has been a crumbling ruin for the last 30 years is to be saved and turned into a beautiful cultural arena for up to 2,800 persons with museum, garden, playground for children and cafeteria. It will be Orihuela city’s third cultural centre. Already they have the classic Teatro Circo and the Lonja auditorium. The estimated cost of restoring the bull ring is over €400,000.

And where will this money come from?

From Orihuela Costa, obviously. Orihuela Costa has a population equal to that of Orihuela city, but no cultural centre. The many groups which organise cultural and social activities all have to find and pay for premises to organise their activities, mainly bars and restaurants.

Orihuela Costa has no library for reading or for our nearly 5,000 children and young people to study. The so-called reading point was isolated, stocked with second hand books and run by volunteers. An unviable half measure, it was closed some time ago. Orihuela city has three splendid public libraries with professional staff.

CLARO, the Federation of Associations of Orihuela Costa (AOC) and a resident recently proposed a cultural centre in Orihuela Costa, including a Library, to be situated on municipal land in the parking area of La Zenia Boulevard Commercial Centre. The Mayor said there would be left over funds from previous years and Orihuela Costa could look forward soon to some attractive investments in infrastructure and social facilities. He did not apologise for the fact that year after year, Orihuela Costa gets no benefit whatsoever from the million euro annual cultural budget.

Alas, we are being cheated again of our rights. Bad luck Orihuela Costa. Once again we are victims of shabby, shameful treatment when a revived housing boom is expanding the population of Orihuela Costa, swelling the coffers of the Orihuela Town Hall and aggravating the deficiencies in services and facilities from which we suffer. The Orihuela city political parties have no shame. Without the income from the coast, the city would suffer a tremendous reduction in services, cultural and sporting facilities and quality of life in general.

Robbing Orihuela Costa of the money needed to improve our quality of life in order to revamp the bullring in Orihuela city should be a red rag to the bull of Orihuela Costa’s respectful, law abiding, residents who pay tax for nothing in return.  

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