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Day: October 12, 2016

40 establishments in the Orihuela Tapas and Gin & Tonic Contest

Traditional, gourmet or sweet treats from October 28th to November 1st Councillor Sofia Álvarez has presented the participating establishments in this year’s Orihuela Tapas and Gin & Tonic Contest, which will be from October 28th to November 1st in the city. They can enter for the best traditional, gourmet or sweet tapa or gin & tonic, “so each one will have original and exquisite dishes,” she said. The councillor explained that the price of a traditional tapa will be €1, while a gourmet or a sweet one will be €1.50. A drink to accompany the tapa will cost €1 and the price of the gin & tonics can be set by each establishment. Álvarez invited all residents of Orihuela and the Vega Baja to discover the city through its cuisine, and to enjoy other cultural activities at the same time that...

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Don’t be alone at Christmas

Holiday scheme for pensioners who live alone and cannot spend time with family Residents of the Vaencian Community who are aged over 65, or pensioners over 60, can register to go a free all-inclusive trip for a few days over Christmas, as long as they live alone, can look after themselves and have no way they can meet up with family and friends for the holiday season. Torrevieja councillor Árica Celdrán explained that the registration period for the programme ‘No estés solo en Navidad’ (Don’t be alone at Christmas) is now open until November 4. She said the idea is to provide company, friendship and solidarity to people who cannot easily find it where they live. A total of 600 beneficiaries will spend from December 23rd-27th at the Gran Duque de Oropesa del Mar hotel in Castellón. This includes transport from their home, and activities including entertainment, sport, culture and excursions. The accommodation is full board, with special menus available for those with dietary requirements, and a special dinner for Christmas Eve and lunch for Christmas Day. Applications must include the required form, a Padrón (local census) certificate, a document proving their pension for 2016, a copy of a disability certificate (if they want to bring a disabled child); the applicant’s medical certificate; and a social worker’s report. The Regional Social Services and Dependants Department will prioritise applications according...

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Rojales opens service to help women

Comprehensive and emotional support and training available Rojales Town Hall has opened the Comprehensive and emotional support for women service (SAEM), paid for with municipal and Provincial Council funds. The service attends to women offering information, participation and training activities. This service can be used in person or via the internet, offering and information resources and personalised attention according to the particular needs of each person, respecting at al times their dignity, independence and right to privacy. It is available in the offices of the Equality (Igualdad) department of Rojales Town Hall, on the second...

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Red rag to a bull

Orihuela city bull ring renovation plan an insult to investment starved Costa residents By the CLARO local political party The historic bull ring in Orihuela which has been a crumbling ruin for the last 30 years is to be saved and turned into a beautiful cultural arena for up to 2,800 persons with museum, garden, playground for children and cafeteria. It will be Orihuela city’s third cultural centre. Already they have the classic Teatro Circo and the Lonja auditorium. The estimated cost of restoring the bull ring is over €400,000. And where will this money come from? From Orihuela Costa, obviously. Orihuela Costa has a population equal to that of Orihuela city, but no cultural centre. The many groups which organise cultural and social activities all have to find and pay for premises to organise their activities, mainly bars and restaurants. Orihuela Costa has no library for reading or for our nearly 5,000 children and young people to study. The so-called reading point was isolated, stocked with second hand books and run by volunteers. An unviable half measure, it was closed some time ago. Orihuela city has three splendid public libraries with professional staff. CLARO, the Federation of Associations of Orihuela Costa (AOC) and a resident recently proposed a cultural centre in Orihuela Costa, including a Library, to be situated on municipal land in the parking area of La...

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