Record temperature was set on the 5th in a month when average was 0.5°C above normal

The month of September has been hot and very dry, according to the records of the Mastral Project, which indicate that in Torrevieja the average temperature has been half a degree above what has been typical over the last 30 years.

The 5th stood out as an exceptionally hot day with records of 42.9°C in Orihuela, the hottest for the month of September in history. In Torrevieja temperature of 36.5°C was recorded, which is the highest for September since records began.

Regarding rain, September was dry with hardly a fifth of the normal amount of rain for the ninth month of the year. However, September was also the end of one of the longest periods of drought, as at the end of the month a total of 7.5 litres per square metre was recorded after 138 consecutive days without significant rain in Torrevieja, the third longest dry spell in its history.

At the level of the Valencian Community, according to data from the State Meteorology Agency (AEMET) September has been very hot and dry with an average temperature half a degree above the period of reference and a total precipitation that was just over half the average.

October has started with stable weather and gentle temperatures. Probably over the weekend there will be increased cloudiness and probable rain, although the temperatures will not change significantly.

You can keep up to date with the weather on the website of the Mastral Project as well as on Facebook and Twitter, Proyecto Mastral.

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