Homeless person made the sad discovery and the child’s parents have been arrested

The Guardia Civil have arrested a couple for having put the lifeless body of their recently born daughter in a rubbish container. The baby was discovered at about 11pm on Tuesday by a homeless man who was searching through the bin. He told the Local Police, who informed the medical services and the court. The Guardia Civil then started searching for the mother, as they were concerned for her safety because the remains of the placenta had not been found in the place of the discovery.

The Guardia Civil have identified a woman who lives in Pilar de la Horadada, who has two children, as the person who put the already dead body of the baby in the bin. Police sources confirmed to Diario de la Vega that this woman has been located and taken to a medical centre under arrest.

The baby, which weighed 6.5 kilos, was found wrapped in a blanket.