Out of 2,611 incidents, 55% were stings and 24% bruises, cuts, twists and fractures

Councillor Javier Manzanares told a press conference that the lifeguard rescue and first aid service “worked well” on the beaches of Torrevieja this summer. He was accompanied by Eduardo González, the manager of the Alicante and Murcia Projects Office of the company Eulen, which had been awarded the service as part of a temporary joint venture with two other companies.

According to the data given, over the summer there were a total of 82 rescues, of which 80 were at La Mata beach. It was also explained that there was only one death, which happened on the beach on the Paseo Juan Aparicio at Las Rocas, which was not a drowning but a heart attack.

The manager of Eulen informed there were 2,611 incidents, of which 55% were stings, either by jellyfish or weever fish, while the next highest percentage was 24%, which corresponded to bruises, cuts, twists and fractures.

The councillor congratulated the company on how well the service had worked after a start that was “hard and not without problems”.

González assured they had invested €90,000 to provide the service, which required them to provide 60 lifeguards from July 6th to August 31st and 35 from September 1st-15th. The new season will begin with Easter 2017, when the service will be put on for ten days, while the summer season will begin on June 15th.

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