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The fiestas for Los Montesinos’ patron, the Virgen del Pilar started last Sunday with the traditional pilgrimage to La Marquesa church, but most of the festivities are between October 1st and 12th.

They include Los Montesinos Prix, a game show like It’s a Knockout; Los Monteinos Express, based on the US show The Amazing Race; a concert by singer Rafa Blas, winner of La Voz (The Voice; a big open air dance with the Jamaica band; the Siéntete una estrella (Feel Like a Star) impression competition; sporting tournaments; bicycle rides; and traditional activities like parades, a ribbon race and religious acts.

Councillor Alejandro Espi said they have improved the programme so that everyone ejoys themselves as much as possible.

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Programme of events:

Friday 30th September

21:30h. THEATRE.The young theatre group will perform “Menaechmi” by Plato. Place: Auditorium School of Music and Culture.


Saturday 1st October

18:00h. The jury will begin to walk the streets to assess the participants in the IV STREET DECORATION CONTEST. If you want to enter your street into the contest, please register at Town Hall until September 30. Ignite your imagination and show off your street these holidays. Rules at Town Hall.

21:00h. Collection of Queens and Ladies of Honor. Join us in this joyful and colorful parade with our beauties and authorities to the beat of the musical group Montesinos. Departure from the Town Hall.

22:00h Great act of Coronation of Queens and Ladies of Honor the Village Fiestas 2016. To follow we will proceed with the awards ceremony of the IV street decoration contest.

24:15h. Concert of Rafa Blas in the Plaza Sagrado Corazón. Winner of the program on Telecinco “La Voz”, the team of David Bisbal and contestant of “Levántate All Star”. Don’t miss this live show!!

24:30h. Opening of the barracas.

Sunday 2nd October

11:00h. Freindly football game “amigos de Alex vs amigos de Manolito”. Place: Campo de Fútbol

16:30h. 2nd edition of “Los Montesinos Prix”. Come and enjoy the second year of this great game of tests that made us laugh so much last year. New tests this 2016! More fun in the first grand prix of the region! We will have a bar. Place: School playground.


Wednesday 5th October

20:00h. Party of Game consoles in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Have fun with different consoles for free. Compete and share!

Friday 7th October

19:00h. 3×3 tournament of basketball in the Colegio Público Virgen del Pilar.

21:00h. Street party. With the intention to further promote local coexistence, once again we encourage you to participate in this street party and neighbourhood dinner. All interested must apply to have your street closed at Town Hall before September 30th.

23:00h. Opening of barracas


Saturday 8th October

10:00h. Bicycle day for the whole family. We will leave from the door of the Virgen del Pilar Public School (C / Maestro Fidel Gomez) for a leisurely ride. Inscriptions at point of departure from half an hour before. At the end of the ride there will be a raffle of gifts for the participants.

19:30h. Grand parade of floats. Groups, schools and troupes will give us an evening of rhythm, joy and colour. Parade starts at 19: 15h.

22:00h. Live music in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

22:00h. Opening of the barracas.


Sunday 9th October

09:00h. Meeting of motorbikes and classic cars Motorcycle Club and Old Cars of Los Montesinos. Until midmorning will be gathered on the Avenida de la Marquesa. Come to have a look!

17:00h. Game “LOS MONTESINOS EXPRESS” inspired by the TV show “Peking Express” [NEW 2016]. A unique gymkhana of tests to enjoy with your friends. Registration at Town Hall. Groups of 5 to 10 people. Starts in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

21:30h IV edition of the “Feel like a star” special musical duos of history. We reward the best parody and the best imitation. Join us tonight to have fun! Place: Plaza Sagrado Corazón.


Monday 10th October

10:00h. Table tennis Championship (under 18). School Pavilion.

10:00h. Enjoy yourselves in the playground “Pequelandia”. All morning of games and activities dedicated to the smallest of the municipality. Place: Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

17:00h. Parade of the Big Heads! With rhythm of the drummers. Leaving from the Town Hall..

18:00h. Traditional ribbon race in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Make your band to participate with the technique you want (embroidered, sewn, painted … etc). Register at the Town Hall until Friday 30th September.

19:00h. Slow bike race. An original competition that reverses rules: winning bike comes last. Dare yourself! Location: Avenida de La Marquesa.

20:00h. Table Tennis Championship (over 18 years). School Pavilion.


Tuesday 11th October

19:00h. Offering of flowers to the Virgen del Pilar. During the course of the event children born during this year they will be presented to the patron. Departure: Calle Mayor towards the Church. Enjoy the traditional jig to the Virgen del Pilar by the Academy of Dance Carmen Lorente.

22:15h. Performance by the great orchestra JAMAICA. Come and enjoy again this magnificent orchestra in the Plaza Sacred Heart! Music of all periods and for all ages

24:00h. Opening of the barracas. Last night!


Wednesday 12th October

06:00h. . Traditional EARLY CALL. The brass band will travel the streets of the town until you reach the square where the chocolate will be served by the the Queens and Ladies. Follow the fanfare and say a cheerful goodbye to the fiestas!

20:00h. Procession in honour of Our Lady of Pilar, patroness of Los Montesinos, accompanied by the Queen of the Fiestas and Honorary Court and authorities .. At the end of the procession, about 22: 00h, will start the fireworks display by the great pyrotechnics FERRÁNDEZ.


Saturday 15th October

18:00h. IV Milla Urbana “Villa de Los Montesinos” on Avenida del Mar. A race for prams and a relay race for both family and clubs. More info in


Sunday 27th November

10:00h. VI 5 to 10 km run from Los Montesinos to show solidarity against sexist violence. Soon more information

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