Girl’s mother was killed in Orihuela two years ago

Maruja Cuenca

Little Marí Carmen, the daughter of a woman murdered two years ago in Orihuela, will go to live with her grandmother, Maruja Cuenca in the next few days after a court ruled in her favour and considered that she is an “ideal” person to take charge of the four year old girl. The trial was held in Alicante on Thursday, September 29th.

The girl’s mother, Yolanda Aniorte was beaten to death by her boyfriend in the house they both shared in the Capuchinos area of the city. The Prosecutor was in favour of returning the child to her grandmother immediately and described the situation that had developed as “bizarre”.

The child had been living with a foster family since August after a court in Alicante told Valencian Social Services it was “the most suitable protective measure”, primarily because the grandmother is 60 years old. Maruja appealed because she claimed she is perfectly able to care for the girl.

Now this judge has decided “there is no reason the child has to be with a foster family”, explained Maruja Cuenca’s lawyer to Diario de la Vega. It is expected that the girl will be returned to her house in Orihuela between Friday and Monday, after spending two months in a home in Alicante.

However, this is only a provisional measure because the definitive resolution will depend on a report from Valencian Social Services. About this, Maruja Cuenca’s lawyer said in any case the child has more maternal family members who could look after her if the Valencian Government believes that at 60 years old her grandmother is not suitable.

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