138 days straight without rain ended today

Torrevieja reached 138 days without rainfall of more than 1 litre per square metre on Tuesday, which is the third longest dry spell since records began (in 1927). Since May 13th it had not rained more than 1 litre per square metre in Torrevieja, although occasionally there were smaller showers.

The data is still far from other periods of drought registered in 1946 with up to 154 days without rain and in 1930 when there were 172 consecutive days without any rain worth mentioning.

The lack of rain starts to be even more of a problem when in the whole year only 60 litres have been collected, which is a quarter of the average over the last 30 years.

However, this run of days came to an end today, Wednesday when the instability increased. By the early morning in Torrevieja a total of 4 litres per square metre had been collected. Although the situation is very difficult to predict over the coming days, it seems there are still a couple of days with a high chance of rain.

A mass of cold air is over the Mediterranean at the moment, which combined with the Easterly wind which can be felt from today could favour the growth of showers and storms.

The instability will continue until Friday and over the weekend more stable weather is expected with an increase in temperatures as well.

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