San Miguel residents denounce ploughing and building in the forest

The association of residents San Miguel Arcángel has called the environmental management of this municipality “catastrophic” over the last year, during which they have reported nine environmental “assaults” that have seriously degraded its natural heritage.

Most of these were about land being cleared and ploughed so it can be used to grow orchards instead of forests. Others have affected land of high environmental and cultural value or have been turned into dumps for rubble in green areas or untreated sewage from an urbanisation.

Most of these have directly affected special areas for the protection of birds (ZEPA) of the Sierra de Escalona and Dehesa de Campoamor, which is included in the Natura 2000 network and so under European protection.

“This protection has proved no obstacle to generalised destruction”, even without in most cases the proper permits. Despite their seriousness and the long period of time they have taken place over, “there has not even been a cross word from the councillor for the environment”, María José Costa Medrano of UPyD, “to defend our natural heritage”.

“Instead of leading the defence and promotion of our important natural spaces, the councillor and the rest of the council have remained mute while this deterioration has unstoppably progressed.”

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