Suspects have been detained 48 times between them 

The moment of the arrest in Orihuela

The National Police have arrested two Algerian men in Orihuela, aged 41 and 42, who are accused of robbing eight bars and cafeterias in the municipality and its villages. According to police, the pair have been detained 48 times between them for similar incidents and the judge has ordered them both to be sent to prison.

Police have been investigating since several robberies were reported at the end of last year and they found out that two people had “frequently” been going to the establishments during the day and using slot machines while studying characteristics like the places’ alarm systems.

When night fell the intruders disarmed the alarms and forced open doors and windows to get inside, where they stole money from the tills and slot machines, as well as cigarettes, alcoholic drinks and even lottery tickets.

Police were able to identify the suspects, who they arrested in Orihuela on Tuesday for robbery with force. The officers’ search of their home discovered various electronic devices and a multitude of cigarette packets from the robberies.

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