Town Hall received €14,500 grant from the Provincial Council

On Monday volunteers from the CES (Capture, Sterilise, Release) Project started catching 200 stray cats in Torrevieja, which will be neutered with a €14,494.87 grant the Town Hall received from the Alicante Provincial Council.

The Councillor for Animal Protection, Carmen Morate informed that from this week the animals will be taken to 7 vets in Torrevieja, which will charge the Town Hall the recommended price of €70 plus IVA for female cats and €35 plus IVA for males.

The Town Hall’s application for the grant included a list of 70 registered colonies, with the approximate number of cats and their location, which was provided by the CES Project coordinator, Ana Llopis.

The volunteers this year will concentrate on those colonies that have generated conflicts either because of their location or because residents are bothered by the presence of cats, and this year they have already neutered almost 300 cats along the coast from El Acequión to Playa de los Locos.

Morate indicated that “regrettably the problem of feline overpopulation will not be solved in a year and this is a long duration project” as it is estimated neutering would have to continue at this rate for at least four years to consider the colonies under control.

“There will always be females that cannot be caught and surely there will always be irresponsible people who abandon their cat in a colony, and this is why there will always be the odd kitten in some corner of Torrevieja,” explained the councillor.

Morate asked the public for “a little understanding, patience and tolerance towards cats. They are defenceless animals that want nothing more than to live in peace” and she reminded that the Facebook pages – Colonia de Gatos Torrevieja and Concejalía de Protección Animal de Torrevieja – are there if anyone wants to get in contact with any suggestions or questions.

She thanked all those who work so that putting cats down is no longer an option and understand that sterilisation can bring a satisfactory solution: the Provincial Council, the Official College of Veterinarians, the Animal Protection councillor in Alicante Marisol Moreno, the seven vet clinics in Torrevieja and above all the CES Project volunteers, “who do the biggest share of the work”.

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