Driver fled after big fight between youths in Santomera

Santomera Local Police arrested a young man aged 23 who lives in Orihuela on Sunday after he allegedly ran over three people and fled. The events happened at about 6am on Sunday in the town in Murcia and the officers managed to detain the driver of the vehicle – a silver Citroen Saxo – at one of the main exits from the municipality.

According to witnesses who were there, it happened in an enclosure when the man now under arrest tried to leave after having participated in a big fight between youths from Orihuela and Santomera, which is currently celebrating its fiestas.

When he started his car a group of lads climbed on and the driver started the engine and put it in gear, running over three people and leaving the area. Shortly afterwards he was arrested.

The ambulance from Santomera treated a 26 year old man who had a fractured collar bone and a head injury and was taken to Virgen de la Arrixaca University Hospital. The other two people were only injured slightly and did not need to be taken to hospital so were treated at the place where it happened.

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