Gift from Albatera company was thrown down the slope

The bench that was by the Cruz de la Muela, as it was left on the mountainside

Two months is all that the wooden bench that was set up by the Cruz de la Muela cross on top of the mountain in Orihuela has lasted. It was ripped out of the ground by vandals and rolled down the mountainside.

The bench was put there so that hikers making the climb have a place to rest, as a gift from a company in Orihuela that is part of the Orihuela-based BNI En Marcha business group.

But no everyone was happy with the gift and some posted on social media that it was a blot on the landscape next to the iconic cross. However others thought it was an excellent initiative because it allowed them to have a moment of comfort to rest before making the trek back down again.

It has been confirmed that the company which donated the bench is not planning to replace it at the moment.

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