Girlfriend reported him to police in Orihuela

A British man who was accused of abuse by his girlfriend in Orihuela has been caught as he was about to get on a flight to flee the country

The National Police arrested the 57 year old British man at Alicante-Elche airport, where he had intended to get on a flight to Liverpool.

His girlfriend, who is aged 23, reported the alleged abuse at Orihuela National Police station on September 13th. Once in possession of this information, and after activating the appropriate protocol for such cases, the officers were able to determine that the suspect has acquired a plane ticket to Liverpool. Therefore they set up discreet surveillance in the departures area until he was identified at passenger control, and after confirming his identity he was arrested.

The arrest was made by officers of the Border Post Investigation Group of Alicante-Elche Airport, in collaboration with the UFAM Group of Orihuela National Police Station.

The suspect, after having made a declaration, was put at the disposition of the Court of Violence Against Women in Elche.

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