Man attacked five women in Los Huertos last week

The National Police arrested a Romanian man aged 25 in Orihuela last week for allegedly committing five robberies with violence and intimidation last week in the area of Los Huertos, which had caused considerable commotion and concern among residents.

The robberies happened between September 6th and 10th. Over five days five women were attacked in the street by the same man, who always acted in the same way. He always picked on women and surprised them, and yanked their handbags from them always using violence and intimidation.

When the Orihuela Judicial Police Brigade found out about this series of offences, they immediately started an operation to find out the identity of the person responsible.

A few days later, thanks to the description given by the victims, they managed to identify the suspect, a 25 year old man of Romanian nationality who had been living in Spain for just two months.

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